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Below are the standard admission requirements for freshmen. See the requirements for:

Check to see if your high school is on the list of regional accreditors .
Transcripts should show courses through at least the end of eleventh grade. Upon graduation, submit a final transcript confirming graduation and showing all academic course work.
We accept SAT Reasoning Test or ACT. We prefer scores to be sent directly from the testing service, but we do accept scores reported on official high school transcripts or reported by the high school counselor on the paper application for admission . If you plan to participate in intercollegiate athletics, however, we must receive your scores from the testing service. When you take the test, list the UO as one of your score recipients. Our school code number for the SAT Reasoning Test is 4846; our code for the ACT is 3498. Learn more about the 2016 SAT redesign .
The UO is interested in learning more about you. Write an essay of 650 words or less that shares information that we cannot find elsewhere on your application. Any topic you choose is welcome. Some ideas you might consider include your future ambitions and goals, a special talent, extracurricular activity, or unusual interest that sets you apart from your peers, or a significant experience that influenced your life. If you are applying to the UO's Robert D. Clark Honors College, feel free to resubmit your honors college application essay.
F. Optional second essay. As you’ve looked into what it will be like to attend Oregon, you’ve hopefully learned about what makes Ducks Ducks. No two are alike, though, so tell us what makes you you, and how that connects to our campus community. We are interested in your thoughts and experiences recognizing difference and supporting equity and inclusion, and choosing one of these two options will guide you in sharing those thoughts. You can learn more about equity and inclusion at Oregon by visiting the Nike Men’s Court Royale Suede Sneakers Black Blue Midnight Navy/White pre order G4Q4xM
website. Maximum statement length is 500 words. This statement is not required.

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or start your application online.

Alternative Admission

If you do not meet one or more of the standard admission requirements, review the options for alternative admission , including information for students from nonaccredited high schools. Also, see the requirements for homeschooled students and 100% original for sale best sale Puma Puma x Alife Blaze Of Glory footlocker sale online high quality cheap online 0D6q2

Creatine supplements have been used by athletes for their ergogenic potential for decades. Although cases of creatine supplementation associated with renal dysfunction have been published [ 3 ], this remains controversial as several other studies have found that creatine supplementation does not affect kidney function in healthy individuals or indeed cause an elevation of serum creatinine [ 4,5 ].

It has previously been reported that dietary supplementation with creatine can lead to a significant rise in creatinine and apparent renal disease as measured by estimated GFR using the MDRD equation [ 1 ]. However, in that series, creatinine levels rose to a maximum of 166μmol/L, and eGFR varied between 41 and 60mL/min/1.73m 2 due to ingestion of creatine supplements in HIV-positive patients. It was thought that the underlying HIV predisposed to a malnourished, and therefore leading to a more pronounced effect of creatine supplementation on muscle metabolism and subsequent creatinine levels.

Boldenone (Equipoise) is a popular anabolic steroid that improves the growth and feed conversion of cattle resulting in more efficient meat production. It is also linked with equine doping incidents. It has become popular among body builders due to its effect of increasing appetite and erythropoietin production. The increased muscle bulk associated with anabolic steroids can increase creatinine levels, but the changes in our patient varied too acutely to be explained in this way. The rise in creatinine was not due to elimination failure as evidenced by his creatinine clearance being significantly higher than his estimated GFR had implied.

This case posed a diagnostic dilemma in the early stages as we were presented with a patient with an apparent rapidly progressive rising creatinine without a clear history of ingestion of exogenous substance. It was decided not to conduct a biopsy in view of the absence of proteinuria and negative nephritic screen but meant we had to deal with diagnostic uncertainty while urine tests were performed. This case highlights the importance of a high index of suspicion for other causes of raised creatinine rather than the assumption of elimination failure, i.e. renal disease. Diagnostic clues were the disproportionate elevation in creatinine without other markers of renal disease (raised urea, raised phosphate, normal urinary protein–creatinine ratio, low haemoglobin, etc.) and the marked fluctuations with falls seen during admission when abuse was not possible and a rapid rise post-discharge.

Our clinical biochemists were actively involved with this case. They verified the raised creatinine via two methods and suggested that the urine could be set away to be tested for other steroids at the National Reference Laboratory ultimately leading to a diagnosis. We also thank the Drug Control Centre, King's College Hospital, London for processing the urine for anabolic steroids.

Conflict of interest statement. None declared.

In general, a TIA concerns a focal neurological deficit without LOC, and syncope the opposite. Subclavian steal refers to the rerouting of blood flow to the arm through the vertebral artery due to proximal stenosis or occlusion of the subclavian artery. A TIA may occur when flow through the vertebral artery cannot supply both the arm and part of the brain during forceful use of the arm. Steal most often affects the left side. When detected with ultrasound, steal is asymptomatic in 64% of cases. 422 A TIA is likely due to steal only when it is vertebrobasilar (see below) and associated with exercise of one arm. There are no reliable reports of isolated LOC without focal neurological symptoms and signs in subclavian steal.

A TIA related to a carotid artery does not usually cause TLOC. An exception concerns orthostatic TIAs , concerning a combination of multiple stenoses of cerebral arteries and OH. This may rarely result in repetitive, orthostatic, short-lasting, and stereotyped TIAs. 423 , 424

A TIA of the vertebrobasilar system can cause LOC, but there are always focal signs, usually limb weakness, gait and limb ataxia, vertigo, diplopia, nystagmus, dysarthria, and oropharyngeal dysfunction. Fewer than 1% of patients with vertebrobasilar ischaemia present with a single presenting symptom. 425

Syncope, presumable VVS, and orthostatic intolerance occur more often in patients with migraine, who have a higher lifetime prevalence of syncope and often frequent syncope. 426 In migraineurs, syncope and migraine attacks rarely occur simultaneously.

Cataplexy concerns paresis or paralysis triggered by emotions, usually laughter, but also by a range of other triggers. 427 Patients are conscious even when considered unconscious by eyewitnesses, and there is no amnesia. Cataplexy is a key feature of narcolepsy; other cardinal symptoms are excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep-onset paralysis, and hypnagogic hallucinations. Cataplexy may be mistaken for syncope, but also for PPS: a partial awareness of events may be present in PPS, and the falls of cataplexy are partly controlled because paralysis need not be immediately complete.

The term drop attacks is confusing as it is variably used for Menière's disease, atonic epileptic seizures, and unexplained falls. 387 A specific condition also labelled drop attacks concerns middle-aged women (rarely men) who suddenly find themselves falling. 428 They usually remember hitting the floor and can stand up immediately afterwards.

Neurological evaluation

TLOC = transient loss of consciousness.


Neurological evaluation

TLOC = transient loss of consciousness.


A schematic comprehensive figure of neurological tests used for autonomic failure is shown in Figure 17 .

If Michigan can add Jackson to Gray and Charbonnet, it would be getting three very different, very explosive playmakers that are all looking at upward movement in our upcoming 247Sports rankings updates.

Wolverinescoaches will have added motivation to see Eric Gray succeed on the next level. The Memphis native had always wanted to attend Ohio State, where his uncle played. I remember watching Gray for the first time at a camp a year ago and learning that Ohio State was his dream school. The Buckeyes never offered and so Gray ultimately landed at Michigan thanks to a personal recruitment by ECCO Women’s Exceed LowTop Sneakers Red 2070bordeaux cheap latest HZSbePk
. If he ultimately is a thorn in the side for Ohio State, the Buckeys will have plenty of reason for regret.

The 2020 prospects that were on hand in Texas collectively played up to the competition. Bryan Bresee secured his No. 1 ranking in the class of 2020 by being one of the top defensive linemen regardless of class. Justin Flowe looked like the best linebacker at the entire event at times. Linebacker Pantofola dOro Men’s Canaverse Uomo Low Trainers Blue Dress Blues for nice online limited edition online cheap quality supply cheap online cheap sale sast MlhZr
and cornerback Elias Ricks were among the most physical players in attendance at their positions and running back Chris Tyree was the fastest man at the entire event, besting a group that had multiple guys that have clocked in the 4.3 range.

A few classes that I like better today than I liked before The Opening began:

- LSU – We knew how good Derek Stingley was before this event but he lived up to his five-star hype. find great cheap price clearance store cheap price adidas Y3 Yohji Yamamoto Mens MCBI009045O Light Blue Fabric Sneakers cheap sale for sale SeWa8Ee7In
also made a big splash this week with his length at linebacker and safety athleticism. Then there was Puma Men’s Suede Classic Natural Warmth Sneaker Falcon Sailor Bluesailor Blue buy cheap really largest supplier official site sale online cheap in China k5qyBK
, a longer cornerback that just managed to always come up big when he was tested. In-state defensive backs like Jordan Clark and Chester Kimbrough were also stars on the championship winning team and don’t even have LSU offers.

- Texas AM – We thought Kenyon Green was really good heading into this event and he’s still better than we thought he was. adidas Swift Run M AC7165 sale fast delivery discount choice sale cheapest price free shipping authentic RCUB3PG
was one of the top defensive backs at the entire event, something nobody saw coming but nobody could deny after the week.

Camps need to be taken in context and while they are a valuable and important measuring stick, sometimes they can be misleading. I thought there were some guys with bad showings that I’m not ready to write off.

- Alabama commit buy cheap with credit card adidas NEO Womens Courtset W White/Black/Matte Silver buy cheap purchase classic browse sale online Um2VLxw
was not very successful in 1on1s and yet I don’t remember a single rep out of him that wasn’t startling with regards to the edge speed he showed. Bigger offensive tackles were just able to run him but the athleticism popped. As he adds strength and is able to convert speed to power on the next level, I still think Harris emerges as one of the better pass rushers in this class.

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